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Student Life

"This last month has been the best month of my life. COSMOS wasn't just a nerd camp but a place where we all became family. It is a place where everyone feels like they belong. The people here are truly unforgettable."
- COSMOS Student

Resident Life
COSMOS offers a distinct opportunity to develop skills for success in a college-like residential learning community. COSMOS provides students with a residential life experience that introduces them to the college culture of a UC campus. While residing at one of the four COSMOS campuses, students are introduced to the resources, classrooms, and laboratories of the University of California. They also have access to university services, including libraries, computer labs, and recreational and cultural facilities. Living on campus allows COSMOS students to meet, work, and socialize with like-minded peers who share their enthusiasm for mathematics and science. Becoming an active participant in the COSMOS learning community enables students to break their intellectual isolation and be challenged in a positive and nurturing environment. The residential program model at COSMOS cultivates a sense of joint purpose and promotes supportive teamwork through small class size, integrative and collaborative learning, group projects, research presentations, and alumni programs.