• Applicants must obtain approval from a parent/guardian before applying
  • Do not send any documentation via e-mail 
  • All financial aid documentation must be mailed to the Statewide Office on or before the application deadline. See additional details
  • Blackout social security numbers on all documentation 


  • Payments are accepted by check, money order, or credit card ONLY.
  • All checks and money orders must be addressed to 'UC Regents' (not COSMOS). Credit card payments can only be made through the COSMOS application parent portal. To do so, log in to the parent's account and click on the "Online Payment" tab. The COSMOS charge on your statement will reflect ‘UC Davis’ for all campuses.
  • An approx. 2.5% credit card fee applies to all credit card transactions
  • For check payments and money orders, please print the applicant's name and COSMOS campus (i.e., UCSD) on the memo line
  • Any late payment will disqualify the application or offer to attend.  In case of unforeseen and documented difficulties in making a complete payment on time, COSMOS may consider devising an individualized payment plan that helps a student attend COSMOS while preserving the essential scope of the deadlines.  An individualized payment plan must be mutually agreed upon by the deadline of the payment, and any such requests must be communicated to the statewide office at least one full business day prior to the deadline.  For questions and concerns regarding payments and any other financial matter, please contact the COSMOS Statewide Office as soon as possible. Failure to pay before the deadline without contacting our office will be considered a forfeiture of your COSMOS acceptance, and we will permanently revoke your offer of admission.


  • All Program related payments are non-refundable.  Once the deadline for a payment to COSMOS has passed, that payment is non-refundable.  Please see Dates and Deadlines for deadlines and payments. 
  • An admitted student who has been offered full financial aid must make a $200 deposit by the corresponding deadline to secure attendance.  This $200 deposit will be refunded to the legal guardian(s) of the student upon successful completion of the program by the student. 

For questions and concerns regarding on any other financial matter,  please contact the Statewide Office


  • COSMOS eligibility is limited to California high school students; Thus, all students attending high school in person in California are eligible to apply. Individual circumstances may be subject to interpretation. Contact the statewide office with specific questions regarding program eligibility. 


  • Due to the high demand for participation in COSMOS, students who have already attended any COSMOS program are NOT eligible to apply again. 


  • COSMOS does not accept any late submission of payments or application/admission material.  COSMOS is not responsible for lost, held, delayed, or damaged mail. COSMOS is not responsible for delivery errors via carriers or incorrect shipping information.  For time-sensitive materials sent by mail, payments, or required documents, COSMOS strongly recommends registered or certified mail with tracking for validation of timely submission.  Do Not request a signature upon delivery. This may delay or complicate the delivery. 


  • By attending a public event on a UC campus (California State Summer School for Mathematics & Science, "COSMOS"), you give your permission for the University of California ("UC") to videotape, audiotape, photograph, record, edit, or otherwise reproduce your child(s) voice, image or likeness, and to use it in various formats and for the purposes within UC's mission of teaching, research, public service, and patient care. Distribution methods may include, but are not limited to, the classroom, television (including UCTV, broadcast, cable, and satellite), the Internet (including webcasts and podcasts), print publications, or any other medium now existing or later created. UC retains the right not to use the footage for other than archival purposes.


  • Each campus may have additional policies. View their website and admissions offer so you are aware of the details.


COSMOS strives to provide precise, accurate, and updated information.  Given that the program communicates from several sites across the state and through different media, rare instances of inconsistent or misinterpreted information may occur.  In such cases, the arbiter and issuer of superseding information is the COSMOS Statewide Office. 


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