Financial assistance is optional, and availability is dependent on fundraising efforts by COSMOS Statewide each year.  Financial aid funds are the result of generous foundations, corporations, and individual donors who care about the success of COSMOS students.  For more information about making a donation or learning about our donors visit our giving site

The State of California and the University of California Office of the President subsidize a significant part of the cost of attendance for California resident students.  The reduced tuition covers four weeks in on-campus dormitories with three meals per day, instruction, distinguished speakers, and all materials required to be an active and engaged participant. Financial aid funds are used to assist families with the student portion of the tuition.  Access is critical to our mission in serving the State of California. however, financial aid is awarded based on need and available funds.

A request for financial aid will not affect your application eligibility, since awards are determined by COSMOS Statewide for the entirety of the State program. Financial aid is only available to financially eligible California students, out-of-state students are not eligible for financial assistance.  Not all applicants will receive financial aid, but every effort is made to provide eligible students assistance.

Financial aid requests must be complete and submitted with your application to COSMOS, and all supporting documentation must be postmarked by the application deadline.  Signed tax documentation (form 1040 with all supplemental schedules) must include gross annual family income, total number of dependents, names of the dependents. *W2 not accepted alone.

Typical documentation includes a tax transcript from the IRS or copies of your completed/signed 1040 with supplemental schedules if applicable (please redact social security numbers).  Failure to submit documentation by the deadline will render your financial aid application incomplete, but not your program application, and you will not be eligible for financial aid if admitted.  Requests for financial aid are not accepted after the application deadline.

For more information on how to get your Income Tax Return Transcripts, see the IRS website.

For more information about Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, see the TANF website.