Application Process:

Please note that the application deadline for COSMOS 2015 has been extended to Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 5pm PST.
This extension applies to the entire application: online application, online teacher recommendations, and all mailed supplemental materials. Mailed materials must be post-marked by the new February 24, 2015 deadline, not received by the new deadline.

Application will be open January 20 - February 24, 2015.

COSMOS 2015 dates:
  • UC Irvine: June 28- July 24
  • UC Santa Cruz, San Diego and Davis: July 5 - August 1
COSMOS 2015 Tuition & Fees:
  • $30 Application Fee
  • $3250 In-State tuition
  • $6000 Out-of-State Tuition


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Step 1. Campuses/Clusters for 2015
  • You may apply to one campus only.
  • You should designate your first- and second-choice Clusters.
  • Click on a Cluster title for a detailed course description.
  • Be sure to note the prerequisites.
Step 2: Online Application
  1. Use the Application Worksheet as a guide.
  2. The online application will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Compose all your short-answer responses ahead of time, in Word.
  3. You will need a valid email address.
  4. You will be asked for the names and email addresses of two math and/or science teachers who have agreed to submit an online recommendation on your behalf. An email will be sent directly to them with instructions. As a courtesy, to help them prepare, download a Teacher Recommendation Form for them.
Step 3: Supporting Documents
  1. Confirmation page - The signature section that follows this page, signed by both applicant and parent or guardian.
  2. $30 application fee - Pay online, or mail a check or money order payable to “UC Regents”, with the applicant's name in the memo field. We do not accept cash for this (non refundable) application fee.
  3. Your official transcript(s) or report cards:
    • 8th graders: Submit copies of 7th and 8th grade report cards.
    • 9th graders: 8th grade report card and 9th grade transcript, with final Fall 2014 grades. Check with your counselor to see if your school uses the Docufide service.
    • 10th graders and above: All high school transcripts including your final Fall 2014 transcript. Check with your counselor to see if your school uses the Docufide service.
  4. Financial assistance information (optional) - To be considered for financial assistance you must submit one of the following:
    • Copy of the official letter verifying TANF benefits.
    • Completed Financial Assistance Application
Remind your teachers that their recommendations must also be completed by February 24th.

Please mail all supporting documents directly to the campus address listed on the confirmation page. You may log back into this system to verify that we have received your documents, check the status of your teacher recommendations, and view the status of your application. All applicants will be notified of admission status by April 17th. Good Luck!